Faces of London (Первый этап 22.04 - 5.05)

What can London's places of interest tell us about?

Ребята, на первом этапе изучаем достопримечательности Лондона и работаем над презентацией (срок до ... ).
Не забываем комментировать другие презентации, по тем правилам, которые мы записали в классе Критерии оценки задания “Комментирование по схеме 3-2-1”.
Просматривать и комментировать презентации друг друга, а также задавать вопросы мне, вы можете здесь, внизу страницы (раздел "комментарии").
Группа 1 оценивает и комментирует презентацию группы 3.
Группа 3 оценивает и комментирует презентацию группы 1.
Группа 2 оценивает и комментирует презентацию группы 4.
Группа 4 оценивает и комментирует презентацию группы 2.
Оцениваем презентации ....  (не раньше). Критерии оценки презентации
Обязательно отвечаем (на английском языке) на проблемный вопрос: О чём нам могут рассказать достопримечательности Лондона? ( What can  places of interest tell us about?)
Желаю вам удачи!


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  1. I believe that the attractions of London can tell us about its history , legends , art and national traditions ( the queen, her family and their way of life), about some of hobbies of the British ( love of gardens and parks).Some of them can open views of London, "London eye" . So I think we need to visit London and see these attractions as it is very interesting, attractive and informative .

  2. Would you like to visit places from your presentation ?

  3. There is to much information on the third slide . Divide information into two slides .

  4. There are few links . Where did you find information ?

    1. Information from these links I joined in the General information ( Власов Егор)

  5. Add information about Westminster Bridge . Good luck !

  6. Places of interest can tell us about history, art, architecture, legends of the city about its people.
    I have learned that leaders of Great Britian speak in the Houses of Parlament.
    I have read that Big Ben weighs 13.720 kilograms. (Власов Егор)

  7. Places of interest can tell people about history legends of the city,a beauty of the city. I have learned about history of Westminster and Big Ben. Big Ben is a bell.
    Westminster Abbey is a Gothic church in Westminster. Its height is 69 meters. It was built In 1090.

  8. Комментарии к презентации "Westminster " 1)Was it difficult to find pictures?
    )2)Was it difficult to search for facts about the sights of London?
    3)Would you like to add something?
    4)Are you satisfied with your presentation?
    1)There is few information about Westminster Abbey on the fourth slide.
    There are not all links there.
    2)Ccылок на фотографии очень мало...
    Well done! Keep working!

  9. Places of interest tell us about history of London, it`s architecture,about people`s life in the past.
    I have learned a lot of infomation about Buckingham Palace and now I know royal traditions and customs.
    It was very interesting to learn about the sights of London, and now I really want to get to London.

  10. Комментарии к презентации "Westmister"
    1)Why did you choose this project ?
    2)How many days were you doing your presentation ?
    3).What is the question that you answered in the project ?
    1)There is only text on the second slide .
    2).There are some photos on the third slide .
    Good luck !

    1. 1)Because this project advised us teacher
      2)We worked on the project for about a week
      3)Whose name velikolepni inside big Ben

      Thank you! Good bye!(Власов Егор)

    2. 3-й ответ я правильнее записал бы так: Why big Ben got its name

  11. Places of interest can tell us about British Kings and Queens, royal tradition and religijn of Londoners, about culture and art .
    Buckingham Palace tells people about royal family, peopele who live in the Palace.

  12. Комментарий к презентации "Buckingham Palace":(Власов Егор)
    1) Who lives in Buckingham Palace?

    2) How are ceremonies held there?
    3) When the flag is raised?

    1) Not all sources indicated.

    2) Not enough pictures.

    Good luck!

    1. 1) Today Buckingham Palace is not only home to the Queen and Prince Philip , but also Herzog of York and the Earl and Countess of Weseke live here . On the side of the Palace , are the offices of the Royal Palace and the wait staff in the amount of 450 people.
      2)Held the ceremony of changing the guard .
      3)The Royal standard is raised over the Royal Palace, when the Queen is in residence in over the Royal car, by plane, by boat, when the monarch travels on them. He rises above all other official and private buildings during the visit of the Queen. When the Queen speaks in Parliament, the Royal standard is hoisted over the Victoria tower.

    2. 1)Who lives in Buckingham Palace the Queen and Prince Philip Duke of York and the Countess of Wessex
      2) Ceremony of the changing of the guard.
      3)flag rises when the royal family comes to the palace

  13. Этот комментарий был удален автором.

    1. 1) In Buckingham Palace lithe changing roayl family
      2) Ceremony of the changing of the guard.
      3)The flag is hoisted when the Royal family in Buckingham Palace .

    2. Этот комментарий был удален автором.

  14. 1) A royal family live in Buckingham Palace.
    2) Ceremony of the changing of the guard.
    3) The flag is hoisted when the Royal family in Buckingham Palace .

  15. Комментарий к презентации
    "Buckingham Palace":
    1)How long are you working at your presentation?
    2)How many children does Prince William have?
    3)How much information did you get from the Internet?

    1)Your background is not enough bright.
    2)Image quality is bad.

    1)Good luck with the project.

    1. 1)Above the presentation we worked not long , except for me . But I still made it .
      2)One , it's George of Cambridge .
      3)All the information I took from the Internet .

    2. 1)We worked on it a week, if not more
      2) it's George of Cambridge .
      3) have almost all taken from the Internet, some suggested the teacher

  16. 1)How many days did you do the presentation?
    2)Would you ltke to get good marks?
    3)Have you any problems with the presentation? Шпаков Т.

  17. 1)Were you in Buckingham Palace?
    2)Who is the youngest in the royal family?
    3)What is famous Buckingham Palace for? Панфилов Артём.

  18. About the history of the ancient world.Шпаков

  19. Places of interest can tell us about history,beaty of city,about its people,legends of the city of the Tower.

  20. We can travel with google maps and travel using a computer and the Internet